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  • Is there a limit to the number of Athletes I can have in a Session?
    There's no limit to what you can do! So go ahead, and use HOOPDAMENTALS to create that mega-Session you've always wanted. You can select your Player Limit when you choose your Day & Times. ProTip: when Athletes book your Session, they'll see how many Athletes are allowed. So choose your number wisely and know that your Player Limit number will 1) create a sense of urgency to purchase your Session and 2) your Player Limit can help you maximize the value of your Session.
  • Can an Athlete come to Hoopdamentals to find a coach?
    No. HOOPDAMENTALS is designed to help Coaches manage and grow their training business with their existing Athletes. ProTip: when you send your Session or Profile page to your Athletes, be sure to tell them to bookmark your page so they can always find and buy your Sessions.
  • Can I set up recurring training Sessions?
    Absolutely. When you create your Session, you'll be give the opportunity to pick the day & times you want the session to be available. It will automatically repeat the session weekly unless you create Exceptions (like holidays etc) or Close your listing. ProTip: be sure to limit your class size to maximize your Session's value and drive interest from your athletes.
  • How do I delete a Session?
    Since athletes can book sessions in advance, we currently do not offer the ability to delete a Session. However, you can pause or modify any Session to better represent your unique offering(s).
  • How do I get paid?
    Once your athlete has booked your session, you will get notified via email. In that email, there will be a link to click that will take you to your HOOPDAMENTAL's Inbox where you can Accept or Refund the payment. ProTip- wait to Accept the payment when you are 100% sure you will conduct the session, that will help you avoid coordinating credit. Once you have Accepted payment, no Refund can be issued; therefore you will have to manually schedule and provide Credit to your Athlete (or parent).
  • Do I need the exact address of my Session's location?
    Thanks to the power of technology, if you know the name of the location where you are conducting your Session, then start by typing the name of the Location in the Address field and see if your location pops up. ProTip: you can specify additional information in the Optional field when choosing location (ie. Main Gym, Auxiliary Gym, Varsity Field, etc).
  • How much does it cost to use for Trainers?
    There is no up front fee for Trainers to use the current version of HOOPDAMENTALS. You will be paid the Session fee less the credit card processing fee for the Athlete's transaction. ProTip: you can increase your Session fee to offset the credit card processing fee.
  • How do I account for Holidays or Vacation with my Sessions?
    If you are creating your Session, when selecting Day & Times, you can choose Exceptions and make your Session unavailable during your Vacation & Holiday times. If your Session is already created, simply Edit your Listing and add Exceptions under Availability. ProTip: The current default availability for recurring Session is 90 days (athletes will be able to book you 90 days in advance). If you want the Session to be unavailable, then simply go to your Session page, click the three dots (∙∙∙) on the. Session image & select Close (you can always go back and Open your listing).
  • Can I set up a One-Time Session?
    Absolutely yes. When you create your session, pick the day & time & then select the Exception for it to only be available once. ProTip: be sure to limit your class size accordingly to preserve your Session's value and drive interest.
  • Is there a time limit for how long my Session can be?
    You have No Limits! Your Sessions can be as long as you want them; the minimum is 1 hour and Sky's the Limit on how long you can go. ProTip: the devil's in the details. So be sure to specify as much as you can in your Session's Description.
  • Can I get paid in Cash using HOOPDAMENTALS?
    HOOPDAMENTALS is designed to help you manage & grow your business. Athletes are required to pay in advance for your Sessions because we know that those who pay in advance, show up - that's one of the ways HOOPDAMENTALS can grow your business. HOOPDAMENTALS is not currently designed to accept cash payments.
  • Can I set up Individual &/or Group Sessions?
    Yes & Yes. When you select your Day & Times you'll be given the option of choosing how many participants you want to allow - we call it Player Limit. ProTip: even if you are creating a Session for an individual, be sure to consider if you would allow a 2nd or 3rd participant when choosing your Player Limit. You should definitely charge more when you have a smaller, exclusive Player Limit.
  • When do I receive my payment?
    Once you've Accepted the payment from your athlete, you can expect the credit card transaction to take place within 3-5 business days. ProTip: in case your Session has to be cancelled due to unforeseen events (ie. weather, closed location, etc), only Accept payments when you are 100% sure it will take place (ie. just before or just after the Session). Once you have Accepted payment, no Refund can be issued; therefore you will have to manually schedule and provide Credit to your Athlete (or parent).
  • Are my payments secure?
    You bet. Hoopdamentals currently uses Stripe to handle all payments. You can read about the security measure here.
  • How can I find my trainer's sessions?
    The best way to find the session or sessions to sign up for is to ask your trainer to send you a link to either their Sessions page or a link to the exact session needed. ProTip: be sure to bookmark the page on your phone or browser for easier access in the future.
  • Are HOOPDAMENTALS payments secure?
    Yes! HOOPDAMENTALS allows athletes to pay for Sessions using secure credit card transactions.
  • How do I change or reset my password?
    Go to the Log In screen and select "Reset Password" at the bottom of the page.
  • What’s the difference between Session, Listing, Lesson & Class?
    Nothing, there is no difference in HOOPDAMENTALS between these terms. All of these terms refer to a specific day & time reserved by Trainers for their corresponding curriculum.
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